Kavacha Coffeehouse

Come! Enjoy a sip with us…

The origin of Kavacha derives from the words Kava and Cha.
Kava means coffee in Lithuanian (lietuvių kalba) and
Cha (茶; pīnyīn: chá) means tea in Chinese (中文).

We source coffee beans and tea leaves from all over the world here at Kavacha Coffeehouse. Mind you, we don't just pull espresso or brew tea. As a third wave coffeeshop, we strive to account for every aspect of the beans' or leaves' unique terroir. While we heed guidance from Verve, our roaster, we also approach pulling and brewing like a scientific experiment, tweaking grounds size, water temperature, grounds/leaves-to-water ratio, extraction/steeping time, etc. until we find the ideal balance for taste that not only accounts for the local minerality in our water but also accounts for the temperature and humidity at the time of crafting.